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The following are reviews by customers who use ATScrubbers for their saltwater systems:

From Gregg Sander, Indianapolis

I have been keeping fish since a small child. I have seen many types of filters and changes in technologies in fish keeping, but 13 to 14 years ago I discovered Inland Aquatics thanks to 3 little fish that were breeding in my saltwater tank and an email to Eric Borneman. Eric suggested I take the fish to Inland Aquatics. So I drove halfway across the state of Indiana to a place called Terre Haute. I was amazed at what I saw when I walked into the facility and was impressed by the friendly staff. (Staff and their knowledge base is 10/10 IMO). There were large fish systems with adult sized saltwater fish and many organisms I had not seen before, but only read about in books. I was intrigued with these dumping methods that were used on their systems, but what were they? What type of filter discharges water across an aquarium with a real surging wave? This seemed much more realistic than a pulsating powerhead. I asked the staff what this approach was and was told an algal turf scrubber.

Many changes have taken place over the years, but the concept of aquarium keeping with the use of Algal scrubbers to maintain the aquariums have not changed at all for Inland Aquatics. It's the same concept, a few model changes, but all and all the same approach.

I can attest that over the years I have used many different types of filters, skimmers and algae turf scrubbers, but the scrubber out performs the skimmer each time (IMO), as long as you are using a true turf algae screen in the scrubber. The turf algae remove the nitrates, phosphates and dissolved organic compounds. The bad stuff is removed!

How does the unit work? A light is placed above the algae screen/dumping tray. This light can run for 24 hours or just at night when your main tank lights are off. This ensures limited Ph fluctuations. Water is pumped into the unit and collects in a surge tray. The algae screen (screen where turf algae is growing) comes in contact with the water. This is when the turf algae earn their keep by removing the "bad stuff" from the water. It takes the tray 20-30 seconds to fill and discharge water back into the aquarium. The water being discharged into the aquarium creates an oxygenating wave from one end of the tank to the other. So much more realistic than a pulsating pump.

I have used the hang–on–the–back model on a 75 gal tank, a shuttle on a 90 and a smaller unit called the racer on 40B. I have written this letter to tell you that Algae scrubbers work. I spend about 30 minutes of maintenance time on my aquarium each week and this is mainly scraping down the algae screen. Each week I have to scrape the screen once or twice to remove the excess growth of algae.

Yes, there are many applications and ways to keep an aquarium, however I truly believe an algae scrubber is the most natural way to filter your aquarium water whether in a freshwater or saltwater application. I only do a 10% water change every 2 months. My tank is flourishing with life, corals are growing and fish are breeding. The only supplements I use are Two Little Fishes 2–part supplement and Inland Seas Biotrace. That's it!

I urge you to check Inland Aquatics out. There facility in Terre Haute is quite impressive and worth the drive. Be prepared to stay awhile as there's a lot to see. I am pleased they opened a small satellite store in Indy. Being opened on Fri and Sat makes it nice for quick trips if you live close to Indianapolis. With advanced notice, they can have something moved from the Terre Haute store to the Indianapolis location. I highly recommend you check the Indianapolis location out as well. Some great livestock! I can attest that Inland Aquatics cares about their customer and offers some of the best marine and freshwater livestock available. They will not steer you in the wrong direction, but will assist in making your aquarium easy to maintain and manage from initial start–up. Thanks Inland.


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