Algal Turf Scrubber™ Algal Turf Scrubber

The following are reviews by customers who use ATScrubbers for their saltwater systems:

From Jason Chaille

If you want to learn about fresh water and salt water aquariums and anything that lives in them, this very small square footage store can offer you more in this hobby than any other location in and around Indianapolis.

Customer Service, 10 out of 10. Walk in and you are greeted with respect, the owner Morgan is outstanding at explaining the right way to do things the first time. I've been to just about every place around town that offers salt water fish and other critters, and there is hands down, no better resource with more experience with helping people avoid mistakes with fish tanks, Morgan is the person to go see!

He brings all sorts of cool animals from his VERY LARGE store in Terre Haute, IN. The TH store is worth a drive to just go walk through, you don't need to make an appointment or wait in line for the door to open and then take a number and then wait and wait some more to buy over-\–priced sick animals anymore, just place an order with Morgan and he'll bring what you want over to his Indy store, if he doesn't have it there already!

I'm not a paid advertiser or anything like that, I am just so very happy with the complete turn around Morgan helped me through and the time he's spent working with me on my 265 gal. Salt water reef tank. Salt water people especially need to see for themselves pictures of my tank before and now. With my new algae scrubber, I have completely rid my tank of algae that was consuming my tank's walls, sand bed, and rock. It is all gone and I don't have to mess around with all the skimmer maintenance, my tank looks great, my fish are loving it, and my family loves the tank again.

Check out the Indy store for sure!
Thank you to Morgan and Inland Aquatics.

From Greg Littlejohn

I was new to the marine aquarium hobby in May of 2013. I've had many previous years of freshwater experience, but this saltwater stuff was all brand new to me. I spent quite a bit of time learning and researching what it was going to take keep a reef tank prior to setting up my tank. I didn't know where to start as far as the best equipment and/or methods for the hobby. I decided to stop by Inland Aquatics hoping to find some of the higher end items that I had been reading about…instead, I was introduced to their Algal Turf Scrubber. It made absolute sense to me…it's basically a replica of how the ocean naturally works. I decided to get one for my new tank, and it cost me about what a good skimmer by itself would have cost me.

Fast forward to now (January 2015)…I've changed a total of 10% of my water since 2013. It basically pays for itself just in water changes, and that doesn't take into account the success I've had with the overall health of my tank. Since I'm not doing regular water changes, I supplement my water with Inland Seas Biotrace to replenish the trace elements and vitamins that are being used up by the livestock.

Maintenance is a piece of cake on the scrubber…just scrape the screens once a week, top off your water, add the Biotrace, and you're good. It's always a great conversation piece…friends and family that visit my home are always fascinated by the scrubber.

I can't say enough about my Algal Turf Scrubber. It is definitely worth every penny I paid. To top it all off, Inland Aquatics has always had great customer support. They are more than happy to help you out along the way.

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